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  • Lawn Programs

  • Standard Program

    The standard program consists of a mow, edge and blower cleanup of your property.

    Lot Size                             Annual Contract Rates                         Non Contract Rates                             One Time Rates

    Up to 3,000 Sq. Ft -                         $30                                                  $35                                                $38

    3,001 to 6,000 sq ft -                       $35                                                  $40                                                $43

    6,001 to 9,000 sq ft -                       $40                                                  $45                                                $48

    9,001 to 12,000 sq ft -                     $45                                                  $60                                                $75

    12,000 and up -                               $50                                              Estimate                                            Estimate


  • Enhanced Program

    The Enhanced program consists of the basic mow, edge and sweeping of your yard in addition to a monthly trimming of shrubs and bushes. It is very easy to have your lawn being serviced each week and forget about the bushes and shrubs. Let us trim them back once a month and the entire lawn will look great!

    Lot Size                              Annual Contract                                    No Contract                                        One Time

    Up to 3,000 sq Ft                       $50                                                     $55                                                   $60

    3,001 to 6,000 sq ft                    $55                                                     $60                                                   $65

    6,001 to 9,000 sq ft                    $60                                                     $65                                                   $70

    9,001 to 12,000 sq ft                  $65                                                     $70                                                   $80

    12,000 and up                            $75                                                   Estimate                                          Estimate


  • Premier Program

    The premier program lets you turn over your yard to us and have complete peace of mind. We have many clients who are out of town for work a majority of the year but want their yard to be the best on the block. When we come to your residential property not only will we do the weekly maintenance but also a detailed inspection to make sure everything is looking and working properly.

    We will

    Make sure there are no visible weeds in flower beds, driveway and sidewalks.

    Inspect irrigation equipment to ensure system and all heads are working properly.

    Seasonly fertilize your yard

    Fertilize any rough spots or patches that may develop

    Pricing for the premier program will need a DETAILED ESTIMATE to determine out what your exact needs are. Call us today to schedule an appointment and never worry about your yard again.